Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If It Looks Like a Duck, Smells Like a Duck...Sometimes That Means it Could be a Stinking Skunk!

There are a few things that I have always had absolute convictions in.  One, people can have a true love/soul mate, and I found mine. Two, being a mom is fun, but being mom to the female horde is AWESOME.  Three, if your husband has a cleft chin, big ears, and somehow still manages not to look goofy he will help you produce 5 of the prettiest girls EVER.  An added bonus is they will be able to use their hair to cover up their inherited ear size.  Four, if your honey is willing to be a complete dork, just because it makes you smile, and then post evidence of those dorky activities on your social media/blog page, you, my friends, are truly blessed indeed...for example.

See what I mean...he's fantastically awesome!

Fifth, any ad on craigslist that possesses the words "solid wood" and "antique", but looks like it needs a little love is usually worth the long, gas guzzling trip to get it.

Today my good friends I find myself on a somewhat shakier foundation.  I have finally found a piece of furniture that I needed to walk away from.  The ad said it was a "solid wood", "antique desk" that needed a "little work".  Probably from the "30s or 40s".  What the ad neglected to disclose was that it was an antique piece of junk, and I'm not talking about that junk you buy then restore and wow your friends with.  No I'm talking about J-U-N-K, JUNK!  The man with the ad said through our email correspondence that it was "hand crafted with reclaimed wood".  What he meant was dude pulled stuff out of the burn pile, and made what could have possibly passed for a desk if you have a serious stigmatism, a lazy eye, and early onset glaucoma.  My sincerest apologies if this describes you.  

The moral of this post is, first and foremost, that Señor Hotness is super crazy awesome.  Secondly that sometimes when something looks like junk, sounds like it could be possibly really is junk.  The clincher is some of the coolest treasures have been potential junk.  So I guess I'll just have to keep playing with fire, and hope I don't get burned too terrible often.

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  1. I would have loved to, but I thought it would be rude to snap a picture with the seller standing there.