Wednesday, August 24, 2016

So It Begins...Again

I'm talking about a new school year of course.  We were among the lucky few to have started almost two weeks before all of our comrades on Facebook.  Right at the moment it kind of stunk, but likewise we get out much earlier than all of those same Facebook peeps.  I just thought I'd catch up on what's happening with our family.

I present to you the Snarky Teen.  She recently gained a more firm footing in teenageness (if that's a word), when she turned 14, and started high school.  Then I decided to compound everything in her life by putting that kid in braces.  She is feeling her way out in the world, and you guys this kid is a hoot!  Which of course she gets from me.

Then there is the Tween.  She is a newly minted member of the local Jr. High.  She is beyond crazy for sketching, and is super happy to be part of the young women group now that she's 12.  I'm pretty sure she's also secretly jealous of the Snarky Teen's newly acquired braces.

Ah, the Moody Eight Year Old.  Don't let that freckled nose, and smiling face fool you.  This kid is drama!  She's also absolutely fabulous.  Since she turned 8 she has officially become one of the BIG girls.  She loves the perks of being a big girl, but sort of hates the new improved 'big girl' chore load.

My Destructo Girl isn't so little anymore, and isn't bent on the very destruction of any and everything in her path.  I think she may be coming out of her destructive streak.  I may have to give this kid a new nickname.  She is sassy, and deceptively cute.  She is in love with her new teacher, but was so sad that her kinder teacher wasn't moving up with her.  She is developing nose freckles.  They're kind of the best.

Then there is The Babe.  She isn't such a babe anymore, and no matter what the sign says she isn't 7th grade material just yet.  She turned 4 this summer, and this is her last year at home.  She has become the bossiest kid EVER.  She makes a lunch with the sisters every morning, and enjoys her boxed juice as if it was the finest beverage on the planet.  She also regularly tries to lie to me about her age hoping that I'll get her enrolled in school sooner.  Sorry, no can do babydoll.  I enjoy our morning snuggles to much to give them up before I have to.

So beware. Madness is rampant here.

But that's not all...

Last but certainly not least is Señor Hotness himself.  He's the newest member of the University of Louisiana Monroe's online degree program.  So yeah.  I'm dating a college kid.

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  1. Just discovered your blog and think I'm gonna love it. Visiting from "A Stroll Thru Life"...