Sunday, July 31, 2016

Learning to Blossom

We've had our house up on the market all summer long.  We have had some really good traffic, some so-so traffic, and then nonexistent traffic.  Our purpose of moving was to sneak extra days with Señor Hotness, and to get moved and settled before the school year started.  If the sale of our house didn't fit into those perimeters then we were determined to take it off the market, and settle in for the long haul since our oldest is going to high school this year (not that I'm even remotely old enough for that).

I've also heard tell that you can always bloom where you are planted.

The silver lining here is that our house is pretty much the bomb!  I put any and all projects off for months while our house was listed because no-one can come look at it mid-paint job.

Our church family rocks, and this is a great community that we have landed in.

So this is me, chosing to blossom bigger and brighter than ever.  This is going to be interesting...

 photo GYPSYGIRLSIGNATURE_zpspufdkvff.jpg