Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scary Honesty

Sometimes honesty can be scary.  Especially if you are like me, and incapable of being serious...ever.  Seriously.  Its a real problem.  You'd think that was a good thing to always be happy, but you see I'm not one of those rainbows and giggles type of girl.  I'm more sarcasm and sass. One of Señor Hotness's most uttered phrases is, "Can you be serious, for just a minute?"  The answer is almost always an emphatic and enthusiastic, no.  So I think it can be frightening for people when they ask if anything is wrong, and instead of joking about it or laughing it off I simply say, yes.

What could possibly be wrong when you have such a rosy outlook on life?

I'm going to get real for a moment, and lay down some truth bombs.  Kids can be huge jerks.  True story.  Parenting is often a crappy job.  Sometimes quite literally.  Sometimes a toddler tantrum coincides with the teen pulling epic amounts of righteous angst.  All while the moody seven year old is choosing to still be moody...about nothing, and I haven't even mentioned Joanie aka Destructo Girl who is often bouncing so quickly between things (translation: fiascos) that its hard to keep track of what she's getting into/destroying presently.  You know the jerkiness is especially high if you've ever said, "I don't negotiate with terrorist"...during church, in response to willful and vigorous pew kicking.  The tween is a pretty stand-up chic right now.  She's choosing to fly under the radar...I'm sure until I least expect it.

Sometimes parenting feels a little like trench warfare.  Especially when going head to head with the most willful five year old on the planet (and feeling like you are losing no less).  I always feel awful for whining, but whining is kind of my thing.  I enjoy the whining...it completes me.  But in all honesty I feel awful to complain when my life does more closely resemble the sunshine and rainbows than the doom and gloom.  I am not doing this alone.  I do have a partner in crime.  Maybe you've heard of him...Señor Hotness, and who doesn't want to a husband that is willing to be called Señor Hotness.  He is also a pretty stand up guy.

At the end of the day, even with the occasional heap of jerktitude floating about, I have five of the coolest dang kids around (don't even try to compare...mine are always going to be cooler than yours).  I feel it an honor to be their mother, and consider myself blessed that I am able to be such a huge part of their lives.  Even if I am often embarrassing to them. (Which is something I go out of my way to do because that is my job as their mother, to be a huge embarrassment, and I aim to excel at life.)  

In the end these people are mine, and I am theirs and I wouldn't change anything about it.  These girlies are my purpose for being, and I'll always pick them any day of the week and twice on Sunday. 

So make sure before you go to sleep to give a jerky kid a squeeze and a kiss, and just remember they aren't always the jerks...sometimes its you.  :)

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  1. Sarah, I appreciate your honesty. Your picture/quote made me laugh out loud. I understand how you feel! :) I just found your blog through Better After and love how you "keep it real." Sincerely, your new friend from Arkansas (who coincidentally understands what it means to be hot and sticky), Paige