Friday, October 23, 2015

GET INSPIRED: CRATE EDITION...6 Incredibly Awesome Crate Upcycles

If you are like me you have all kinds of things just waiting to be made awesome.  I am so very guilty of buying things, and letting them sit for a while until inspiration hits.  The downside of this is I tend to have a few random ugly pieces sitting around because I haven't decided how to finish them out.  One of those things I've just let sit are the crates that I cajoled Señor Hotness into letting me buy a few years back.  I stained a few, but other than a quick sand down they've just been kicking about, looking all, blah.

So after surfing on Pinterest for a minute or two (or an hour or two if I'm keeping it real) I came across these awesomely cool crate upcycles.  I love sharing inspiration when I can so I thought I would share these with the masses.

Check out this simply beautiful crate bookcase that Kelly over at The Lily Pad Cottage pulled off. It's simplicity is all part of its charm.

via The Lily Pad Cottage

Check out this adorable pet bed that Nicole over at Meet the B's put together.  Its brilliance it how understated it is.  Not only would any cat love such a rad bed, but this would also make a fabulous doll bed that any kid would be proud of.  I really hate toys cluttering up the place.  Not to mention that toys generally don't mesh with the overall aesthetic of a space. This could be a great way of marrying those two worlds together.

Via Meet the B's

This bench that Christina over at Operation Home made out of simple crates is pretty impressive.  This brought an awesome pop of color to what could have otherwise been a bland porch.  This look doesn't need to be relegated to the porch alone, it could rock it in any space in the house.

Via Operation Home

This coffee table that Amy over at Her Tool Belt made isn't necessarily a beginner level project, but it is an absolute stunner.  Her post also shows detailed plans if you want to copy the look, and who wouldn't want to copy this gorgeous style.

Via Her Tool Belt

Check out this ingenious drink dispenser idea that Jocie over at One Project Closer used for a fabulous bridal shower.  This was brilliant.  I have a mason jar style dispenser myself, and it didn't come with a lift for easy drink pouring.  So when I saw this awesome idea it really hit home, and it is also perfect place to put the cups for the drinks too.  Great idea.

via One Project Closer

I love how Cat over at The Rustic Willow used these crates to spice up her otherwise ordinary mudroom space.  I'm all beautiful things also being functional, and this project hit the mark perfectly.

via The Rustic Willow

Great ideas abound if we only take the time to look.  NOW GO MAKE SOMETHING PRETTY!

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