Thursday, October 23, 2014

We're Here!!!

Well for those of you that have been following along we have moved from my beloved East Texas to...

Northern Louisiana, and we brought the wrath of the weather with us.

This was it rolling in.  Little did we know that a little further north this storm produced a tornado that caused so much havoc, but we discovered it when we decided to make a post storm trip to Monroe.  If you look closely in all of the pictures below you will see that they are all pictures of downed power lines.

Storming aside there has been a bunch of super fun stuff too.  We were blessed to have our house sell very quickly, and it closed a week earlier than we had planned.  Our rental wasn't going to be available for a week so we had to find someplace affordable for our family to chill for a week.  We priced out a hotel, but with our family size that was going to be an expensive week.  Then I got the bright idea to check out the state park situation.  Just a little heads up.  Louisiana has some fabulous state parks.  When you have an entire state of beautiful lush greenness, um, everywhere, I would imagine that you would want to share that with the public.  What I found for us was a cabin at Jimmie Davis State Park.  This place was wonderful, and half the price of the hotel option.

It was right off Caney Lake.

There was a porch swing that you can see was a big hit with the littles.

Rocking chairs for Ma and Pa.

Did I mention that the porch was completely screened in...NICE!

There was a living area with a wood burning fire place with satellite tv.

A small kitchen with a full sized fridge, microwave.  With cooking and eating supplies provided.

Dining for six.  It was also our classroom while we were out.  The girls hated that I brought our school work to the cabin.

This was the only down side of the cabin.  This my friends was a queen sized bed.  On a whole not a bad size, but when you have been sleeping on a king for the better part of 6 years it seems like the end of the world.  I like to snuggle when its a choice not an obligation.

A bunk room!  Perfect for a family with a buttload (technical term) of kiddos.

Look what Louisiana is trying to bring back!

Destructo Girl swore she wouldn't get to close to the water on the private pier that came with our cabin.

She was clearly a trend setter though.

Senor Hotness...the ladies man!

Mommy needed a picture too.  

Then it was time to move into our rental.  Thats when we discovered it.

  No cell service...unless you go stand in the grassless spot in the back yard.  That, however, will only buy you about 15 minutes for a phone call.  Which I do twice a day to have a adult conversation with Señor Hotness.  Makes me feel like I'm living in Green Acres, but honestly a grassless backyardspot is better than having to scale a telephone pole.  There is also no internet service to speak of at the new house either.  I'm writing this blog at Señor Hotness's office.  Just one of those things we deal with to continue to still be in the country.

The rental came with a series of ugly curtain toppers, but thank goodness they sewed beaded fringe on these. That was really the pop of fancy that my master bedroom needed.

The school desks are currently on the screened porch, and have served as an occasional dining spot while I try to unload all the boxes currently clogging up the actual dining room.

Pretty Miss P was SO happy when she found the shooting ear muffs, and wears them all day long (and occasionally during naps).

Until we got their beds reassembled nap time was kind of tricky, but I won out everyday.  

Daddy's back is the best seat in the house when its time for family prayer.  If you look far in the background of this picture you will see the glory of the awful wall paper liberally spread throughout this rental.  I've been told I may remove it and paint if I so desire.  Lets just say I desire.  Because all those custom painted pieces I have look super stupid in this house.

But alas projects continue...

and Senor Hotness is playing a major role in the revamp of a new bed for our master bed room.  So stay tuned to see how that turns out.

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