Saturday, October 4, 2014

Moving On...

I should be honest.  I am an adventurer at heart, possessing no small amount of wanderlust.  I blame this on living in the same small town, and in the same house for the first 18 years of my life.  Growing up my family went on epic road trips.  Our road tripping activities weren't the norm.  You see we didn't hit Disneyland/Disneyworld we hit Civil War battle sites, and other sites of historical importance through out the country.  Its made me a bit of a history nerd.  Most importantly on our travels we rarely stayed in one area/state for longer than a night.  So growing up traveling around the country created in me a desire to experience those areas on a more permanent basis.  

Señor Hotness and I sat down a figured up that we have moved on average every 2 years (sometimes within the same area).  The longest we have ever lived in the same area has been right here in East Texas.  We have lived here a whopping FIVE years (3 moves within the area).  My very best friends live here.  Some friends really are like so much like family that we have decided to adopt.  As much as it kills me to leave my beloved Texas is time for our next great adventure.

So it is with sadness that we leave the home of my heart to relocate our family to Northern Louisiana.   I can't wait to learn more about the culture and history of Louisiana which I can tell you from my recent research seems to be varied and rich.  So it is onward we go.  Our move date has been moved up by a week, and we have a week of family time scheduled in a cabin (internet-free) in a state park in Louisiana.  So this is me signing off for now.  Catch you on the flip-side.

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  1. Is it strange that I'm jealous that you're moving? I'm counting down the time until my husband and I move (2 years 8 months) and I can't wait. Moving is always such a great adventure.

    1. Moving is always an adventure of one type or another. I love it, but always hate leaving all my wonderful friends behind. Happy adventures Allison.

  2. Wow moving can get crazy, I've moved so much in one year, we are building a house and its never ends the moving, I get used to it and organized too,, Stop by Fabulous Friday Party and link up your posts