Friday, June 2, 2017

We Are Here...A Cautionary Tale

Fun Fact, surprisingly enough "here" isn't Cincinnati.  It's actually in the Dayton area.  When we were looking, we kept expanding our search further and further north, looking for just the right bit of suburbia, and before we knew it we weren't in Cincinnati at all.  Also Dayton ROCKS!  I'm in love, but I will freely admit that I may or may not change my mind come wintertime. 

Our move here was crazy.  We packed up the truck with the help of our church family on a freakishly humid day.  Needless to say we were all super sweaty and super gross, and me, being the queen of preparedness, had clean clothes out for everyone for our two day trek north to Ohio.  The one thing I didn't remember to leave out, however, was a clean bra.  So after we got to the hotel the first night I showered, and then only had the same smelly bra to put girls back in.  It was a tortuous two days of marinating in my own stench.  So, after dealing with that like a boss for two days the first thing I did upon unlocking the door to our new house was remove that smelly bit of nasty, and fling it across the family room floor while singing the chorus to "Think" (by Aretha Franklin).  It felt almost as good as being in our new house.  Then we set about exploring the house, and having roly-poly races across the family room floor before we tried to tackle the moving truck.  I was upstairs in the master bedroom when the unthinkable happens.  I hear the door bell (yup, we live in one of those wonderful neighborhoods where the neighbors are all incredibly nice and come to meet the new family), and it occurs to me, my nasty bra is laying very prominently displayed in the  barren family room floor.  Which is, coincidentally, fully visible from the front entryway.  So, I sheepishly and carefully came down to meet the new neighbors.  All the while they were visiting I valiantly pretended like it wasn't in full view there, and that I was totally wearing a bra, and they graciously pretended not to notice.  Meanwhile, I felt like imploding in on myself like a dying star because embarrassment can do that to a person.

However, after a first impression like that there really is no where to go but up.  
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