Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Moving on Up!

Anyone else hum the Jefferson's theme song after reading the post title?  If you weren't before you are now. If you don't know what I'm talking about you clearly didn't live your childhood watching 1970s sitcoms because that's all your tv antenna would pick up...in the late 1980s!  If you don't know what a tv antenna is you and I clearly cannot be friends.  It was a character building part of my childhood.  Much like the black and white twist dial tv I was privileged to have in my room, and the complete clunkers I drove for all of my high school career.  I mean who doesn't love a rust bucket pick-up truck that you can start with literally anything you can shove into the ignition, but can't exceed the speed of 40 mph without doing serious damage.  I digress...

Okay so I have a bomb to drop.  We are planning on moving...again.  Back in November Señor Hotness started a new job for an awesome new company, and he manages a sales area that encompasses the entire central time zone in the U.S., two Canadian Provences, and a few states in the eastern time zone.  So long story short he has started traveling...a lot!  He is gone almost every day of every week, but we are blessed to have that guy home on the weekends.

Which results in this kind of crazy reunion...everytime.  (Bonus points if you can find all five ladies)  So after much soul searching we have decided to move our family closer to a major air port that offers more direct flights so that we can steal a few extra days a week with this awesome dude home. Many of you are probably now wondering when we'll be headed back to our beloved Texas, and the truth of the matter is we're not.  Texas is the home of our hearts, but for our situation it just isn't the best place for us.  We wanted something that would put Señor Hotness a little more centrally located in his area, and what we came up with was Missouri close to Kansas City area.

So there you have it sports fans.  We are Missouri bound...hopefully.  First we have to sell our house. Which will be the theme of all my blog posts to come.  How to stage my home to look like a show home with five little terriorist bound to trash it every second of every day. EVERY DAY!  Okay so its really more like three little thrashers, and two kiddos too cool to care if they live in filth.

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