Monday, December 8, 2014

You Know You're a Girl Dad When...

Not every dad is cut out to be a girl dad.  It takes a special guy to be the lone source of testosterone in a sea of estrogen.  So I thought I would compile things that might clue you in to whether a guy is a dad to just ladies.

Just a heads up.  Little girls are all about accessorizing, and Daddy is not immune.

Ladies and Gents, this is what I call the money shot.

Sometimes girl dad's are accessorized so much and so often that they don't even realize that they've been wearing a pipe cleaner tiara for the better part of an hour.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but girl dad's are accustomed to not only sitting under a pile of girls but also all of their trappings.

A girl dad has to get in exercise when he can...even if that means he had to go in his play basketball.

A girl dad has grace under pressure (a.k.a. he can continue to strike a pose for the camera even when there is a meltdown times three happening on his lap).

A girl dad knows that when help presents itself in the form of a pantless 3 year take what you can get.

A girl dad knows better than to say no to kisses.

A girl dad quickly learns that he is the most comfy couch/mattress/seat around.

A girl dad is great at holding small hands.

A girl dad is a crack shot...because he has to be.  Watch out boys.  This dad means business!

A girl dad is the best to ride carnival rides with.

Careful guys, if your friend is a dad to a small female horde he will often allow you to also be treated as a girl dad too.

Summer walks often start out fun, but end with a girl dad making the trip home pack mule style.

A girl dad's assistant can sometimes take the form of an adorable two year old with a summertime aversion to clothes.

A girl dad will submit to having a fake mustache drawn on if it makes his ladies happy.

A girl dad usually has at least one girl with him...even when doing something manly like buying lumber.

If a girl dad is presented with the opportunity to combine two of his favorites he will.  In this case it is guns, and his awesome ladies.

No matter how busy he might be a girl dad will submit to cuddles at any time.

Even a girl dad has to participate if his ladies have decreed that it is "wear a headband" day.

A ride on Daddy's back is better than any horse ride...ever.

If a girl dad crafts it is probably going to involve guns, and how to conceal them.

A girl dad with so many awesome girls has every reason to smile big.

A girl mom has to quickly learn that there is no greater danger than trying to come between a girl and her daddy.

Little girls always want to be like their dad.  Even when that means they have big shoes to fill.

A girl dad will submit to having to wear a floppy straw hat if...

it makes a girl smile with this much happiness.

At the end of they day you know you could be girl dad if your teenage desire to be the ultimate ladies man has been realized now that you are the father of a small female horde.

Thank you Señor Hotness for being the most wonderfully awesometastically coolest daddy our ladies could ever hope to have.


  1. Love the hairband pictures! My girls used to do this to my husband too even though his hair is way to short for a barrette. Sweet relationship between dads and daughters! Visiting you from Turn It Up Tuesday.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your husband! Guess he has fully embraced the phrase: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! The headband shot is my favorite!

  3. This is so perfect! My husband is a girl dad and a great one too. Your pictures capture this perfectly!

  4. Oh I loved every picture -- they all made me smile! He's definitely a great girl dad!

  5. Beautiful and such an awesome tribute! How lucky you all are!

  6. Hi Sarah
    This is so precious. It's a Friday Favorite feature over at
    Thanks for linking this up! love it, laura

  7. Happy New Year! Hope to see you at Fabulous Friday