Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventures in Thrifting: The Good, The Bad, and the Insanely Ugly

Okay so when we moved here four years ago I discovered that Tyler has a Goodwill store, but not just your average Goodwill, a Super Goodwill.  For years I have wanted to go in, and for years I haven't been because dragging my poor husband, Señor Hotness, in there while I browse would only be cruel and unusual punishment for us both.

So the stars aligned, and by chance Señor Hotness and I were in Tyler...alone.  Anytime we are away from our horde we are playing a game of beat the clock.  So we split up.  He dropped me at Super Goodwill, and then went about his merry way.  So I had significant time to kill in there.  Happiness!

So I found some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some insanely ugly stuff.  Then I realized that it was my duty to pass these little gems on.  So first lets go with the good!

This one has a beautiful scroll like detail on the edges. $1.50

This pretty basket weave is actually part of a pair. $1.50 each.

This pretty metal serving dish will add a nice shiny metal to my wall. $1.50

Lets not talk about how weirdly fat my hand looks in this picture.  This is a plain plate, but the colors were absolutely what I had been looking for. $1.50

Plates, plates and more PLATES!  I love plate walls, and have been trying to collect plates on the cheap for eons.  You know, or ever since I activated my Pinterest account and fell in love with the idea.  Which is actually kind of difficult given the over abundance of ugly crap people purge straight from their house into the nearest donation center.  If I had a nickel for every time I passed up a plate sporting a goose with a flashy neckerchief I would be insanely rich now.  I found all these plates and a few more for next to nothing.  I chose them for a variety of reasons.  I picked them up based on color, or the over all shape of the plate.  If they were an unsightly color, but had an interesting shape I grabbed it anyway.  You can always dress the plate up later with a little spray paint, and/or decoupage and craft paper.  I'll let you know how those pan out later.

That brings us to the next good find.

I loved this twisty lamp immediately.  I almost lost out on this one too.  There was another savvy shopper in there at the same time I was.  She had been eyeballing it, but passed it by.  At which time I immediately hopped on it like the cheapo I am, gleefully placing it in my cart.  I was thinking about another lamp when she circled back around, only to see it in my cart.  You could tell that for a crazy wild moment she thought about knocking me down, and jerking it out of my cart, but then she realized that I was twice her size so she moved on.  Bargain shopping can be brutal.

At only $6.00 there was no way I was passing up on that deal.  The only thing I had against this was that I wasn't hot on the color.  I'm not a crazy big fan of silver, but again with some spray paint and a cool new shade this pretty lamp will get a new lease of life.

Now for the bad.

This lamp was also $6.  It also had a mild case of the uglies, but it was not without potential.  It will also get a face lift with a new color.  I'll let you know if it was salvageable when I get to the facelift.  For now it is happily passing time in my laundry room.

Then there were the ugly-ish plates...

This one had great bones, and a great message.  The color, however, was all wrong for what I wanted, and vinyl letter was peeling off this was $.50.

This one is actually kind of cute, but in a dated 1980s sort of way.

I loved the color of this one, but the picture makes me think of the Johnny Appleseed video.  That makes me sound crazy though so forget I mentioned it.

This one would have been AWESOME...if it was still sometime in the 1990s.  It also makes me want to talk like a leprechaun which makes no sense since this is covered in ivy and not clovers.  Further proof that I need to stop burning the midnight oil to write blog posts.

Now, the moment that you have all been waiting for...the insanely ugly.


Look at it, and let it all soak in, but don't make direct eye contact.  The retinal damage could be permanent.

Okay so this was a tragically ugly clock.  You know those commercials about magic fat pills.  You know the ones where they have a nasty glob that is supposed to represent "what 5 lbs of fat" looks like.  Well this clock looked like someone had taken the 5 lb fat glob, and molded it into this little treasure. Honestly it was a bunch of little pebbles placed into some kind of mold, and it felt like epoxy.  Which makes me think it might have had the potential to look really cool with a quick redo with spray paint.  That being said it would have haunted me until it was done, and I have far cooler projects to do than redo an insanely ugly clock that I don't really want nor have a place for anyway.  The potential nightmares was the real reason why I passed on this.

No matter what category they might fall into whether that be the good, the bad, or the insanely ugly, thrift store shopping is an awesome place for the the cheapsake DIYer in all of us.

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