Thursday, January 16, 2014

Confessions of a Lazy Laundress!

Hello, My name is Sarah, (Hello, Sarah) and I am a lazy laundress!  The saying "Laundry today or naked tomorrow" is a somewhat true statement in our house.

Let me make it abundantly clear that being a lazy laundress, or launderer (hi fellas), when you've got kids is just crazy.  When you've got girl children the problem is even more compounded because all of their outfits have a million accessories.

When you are the mother of the small female horde it is downright insane to be lazy with the laundry.  When in that horde you have a 9 year old clothes horse that is WAY into layering, a 5 year old that changes outfits to fit her mood and is also into layering, and a 3 year old who laughs at the concept that one must stop playing to take potty breaks (even when play time is awesome), thus resulting in 3 or more pairs of wet clothes (if she's not in one of her nudist moods).  No one said I was sane...ever.  I've even heard people say, "You are crazy, girl", and sadly its not always said with the joking sarcasm that one would hope for when hearing this statement directed their way.

I'm not crazy though.  I promise...ok I'm not completely crazy all the time.  I mean someone would have to be mildly unhinged to deal with the chaos that is our house on a daily basis.  Its the good kind of chaos, but chaos none the less...I digress.

You know you are a lazy laundress when your husband goes in search of the sock basket instead of looking in his sock drawer because, lets face it, that has happened so incredibly infrequently over the past 13 years that it is now ingrained in him to search out the sock basket before checking his drawer.  I now mess with him occasionally by putting his socks in his drawer, and then don't say anything, just to see how long he will look elsewhere before checking the drawer. (sorry honey)

You know you are a lazy laundress when you try to convince your children that "clothes swimming" could be a competitive sport.  Also how else are they going to find a clean (and wrinkled) shirt to wear off the mound of laundry taking up enough couch space to make our roomy sectional function more like a loveseat.

You know you are a lazy laundress if you would rather take a nap, read a book, or clean the toilet (true story) than sort/wash/fold some laundry.

I miss those days when laundry was a one day activity, and it really only took up the better part of one morning.  Now we have to wash 2-3 loads a day to stay on top of it, and if I put it off for 2-3 days the results are cataclysmic...

This is the clean pile so far.

This is what's waiting to be washed.

These beauties are full to the gills.

This hash't even been sorted into the mix.

This is why I have a love/hate relationship with clothes.  I have jokingly laughed about our family becoming nudists, but honestly I treasure my modesty and friendships to much.  Which I'm sure would end if I started prancing around in my birthday suit.

Also I'm WAY to awesome to let something like a staggering amount of clothes in need of constant laundering get the better of me.  So one of my New Years resolutions this year is to stay on top of the laundry situation, and accustom my children to function on one pair of clothes.  Sleeping in the nude is acceptable right?  I'm kidding!  Kind of...sort of...just make sure to give a call after 7 if you need to stop by.

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